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ARTS / ART & DESIGN | New York Times
May 16, 2003
By Ken Johnson

Press Enlarged Image for ARTS / ART & DESIGN | New York Times

Shattered Windowshield (Junk Yard, Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada, Sept. 9, 2001), 2003, Thermal dye prints, 10" x 10", Edition of 5

ROBERT BECK, “Once Across the Mason-Dixon,” Susan Inglett, 100 Wooster Street (through May 31).

This multimedia conceptualist has come up with a device that might sound gimmicky, but it casts a noirish spell. Looking into a classic children’s toy, the View-Master, you see startlingly dimensional, photographic scenes that could be stills from a David Lynch movie — yellow-striped pavement veering into the night, a hitchhiker’s extended arm, a vintage Lincoln in a field. There’s no clear narrative, but there is a feeling of exhilarating dread.

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