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11/22/88 (for Kimono)
1988, 4:09 min, color, stereo sound

Video Image for 11/22/88 (for Kimono)

11/22/88 is a diptych that utilizes two then state-of-the-art pieces of video equipment, a Hi-8 video camcorder and a consumer-grade video synthesizer. The improvisational work moves from a domestic interior, drained of color and screened from view, to an arboreal and sensuous exterior domain. Yet beyond the physical realm is one seething with chromatic luminosity, an ulterior dimension of excess. Here is a world in which life is either too near or too far. The third in an impromptu series of video birthday gifts, given as a VHS copy of the original U-matic tape. With music by the Sugarcubes, “Christmas Day”. PLAY LOUD.
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