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12/19/88 (for Pete)
1988, 3:35 min, color, stereo sound

Video Image for 12/19/88 (for Pete)

I used the macro lens of a Hi-8 video camcorder and a Videonics Mx1 video mixer to abstract my Greenpoint, Brooklyn, bedroom into extimate realms. Reflected in the concave brass knob of my closet door, my sparse room is inverted and abridged. The knob bulls-eye yields to another scene wherein a man’s perforated shirt curtains the camera lens and beats with synthetic light and evocation: dragonfly wing, amphibian skin, caterpillar web. The wavering lattice surges against the void it betrays. I mixed to music by Stephen Vitiello. Diptych, poem, exercise – the sketch was made for my younger brother. The fourth and last tape in an ad lib series of music video birthday gifts, in which the recipient was given a VHS copy of the U-matic original. PLAY LOUD.
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